Serenity Vacation Homes

Life is beautiful but we exist in a time of considerable pressure and expectation. This constant fret can make it problematic to continue performing at our individual optimal peaks if we don’t take the time to break away from our daily routines every once in a while. Basking beachside in the stimulating sunshine or revelling in ravishing restaurants or fishing for fun with family and friends or golfing on the greenest grounds this world has to offer can help rejuvenate our bodies, minds, spirits and souls.

Over the years my family has always made a point to find the time in our busy schedules to travel together at least once a year.  As a child, I remember going to visit my grandfather in Florida during the cold Canadian winters and escaping to other exotic places. My brother, sister and I have fond memories of trying new local delicacies, making sandcastles in the soft, white sand, swimming in the warm, clear coastal waters and watching breathtaking sunsets on our balcony. Today we relive those magnificent memories by reminiscing in old photo albums before posting our favourite pictures to Facebook and sharing stories over dinner and drinks. In 2007 my family purchased three properties with the dream of helping other families make memories of their own and grow closer together as we had done and continue to do. I hope that your stay in my family’s luxurious homes allows you to continue to carry on this custom.

Welcome to my website, where your motivation to make lasting memories is fostered with personal pride. Please sojourn in serenity with me.

Jonathan Berman